Design in the tradition of modernity means optimizing communication in form, function and interaction. That's what we stand for.

Optimizing the gateway between individual and media is the primary task of visual design for over 90 years. Up until now the principals of modernity remain up-to-date and practical in all disciplines of design be it print, web, interface or application. Maximizing the intelligibility of a message is the key to successful design. This self-conception and the competent use of classical as well as new medias are the basis of our work.


Design builds identity. We plan and design solutions that shape the appearance of corporations, services and products. To reach that goal we develop meaningful concepts for corporate design, provide advice in brand development and brand management and implement all resulting communication activities based on strategic planning.


Visualizing and utalising complex data and relations is one of our core capabilities. Including conception and design of grafical user interfaces as well as usability concepts that are individually optimized for your needs. For implementation we have highly competent partners with the people at byteAgenten GmbH that work in the fields of engineering and development.


Guiding people on foreign soil efficiently and safely to their destinations is the key in modern guidance systems. On an increasing level they also offer a narrative emotional level, representing corporate design elements and explain site-specific conditions. We develop functional and long lasting solutions for guidance systems located at the interface between grafic design and architecture.

Projects & Partners

Gewerbliche Schule Backnang


Katrin Schmitt MA

Focus: Conception, layout and project management in the fields of guidance systems and corporate design.

André Lehmann

Focus: Brand development, text and conception.

Dipl. Designer Torsten Malcherczyk MA

Focus: Interface, interaction, usability, conception and frontend development.

achtender is an owner managed bureau with offices in Schwäbisch Gmünd and Berlin. Our ambition is good design. For us this is a design that is informative, motivating, able to simplify complexe data, supportive in understanding relations and making everyday life easier. On the basis of systematic methods our designs and communicational solutions are always characterized by a functional, reduced, expressive and striking appearance.


High transparency in project and cost management cummulate in the ability to handle projects of merely any size and complexity. No matter if clients tasks or self-initiated projects we always put all our strength into finding intelligent concepts and design solutions in the fields of corporate design, screen design, application design, grafic design and guidance systems. It is our self-conception to guide a project from the first idea to the final implementation.


We support you in any field of profesional communication, be it classical grafic design, CI/CD-concepts, guidance systems in public, your new website or optimizing the usability and interface of your software project.If you are in need of a profesional solution for a problem in communication or want further information about us we would appreciate to hear from you via phone or Email.